The wellheads  CHINA STAR GREAT DRAGON TRADING CO.,LTD manufactures are constituted by casing head, tubing head and Christmas Tree. It is mainly for controlling pressure and for adjusting the flow rate of oil or gas. It can also be applied in acid fracturing, water injection, test service, wax cleaning, well washing, well pressing and any other particular tasks. All of our products conforms API Spec.6A with the advantage of good sealing that can perform well in any conditions. Our wellhead & Christmas Tree are equipped with hydraulic safety valve control system under well which makes the work safely.


    • EMSCO
      • FB1300
      • FB1600
    • Gardner Denver
      • PAH
      • PZ-8
      • PZ-9
      • PZ-10
      • PZ-11
      • TEE
    • IDECO
      • T1000
      • T800
    • National Discharge and Suction
      • 12-P-160
Star Zirconia Ceramic Liners are available for all major mud pumps with various bore sizes.
Comparing to regular sleeved liners, our Zirconia liners offer:
Significant longer service.
Better performance.
Safer operation.
Life time cost saving.