China star Module is made from 4135 alloy steel with strict forging and heat treatment process. Every module is precisely made and gone through rigid inspection. Star modules are fully exchangeable with all major brand modules and can come with one or two pieces configuration with design pressure up to 7,500 psi. Our state of art lab can facilitate many kinds of testing upon customer’s request such as internal pressure test and ultrasound crack detection test. Star Modules are built to last!

    • FB1300
    • FB1600
    • Gardner Denver
      • PAH
      • PZ-8
      • PZ-9
      • PZ-10
      • PZ-11
      • TEE
    • IDECO
      • T1000
      • T800
    • National Discharge and Suction
      • 12-P-160
Star Zirconia Ceramic Liners are available for all major mud pumps with various bore sizes.
Comparing to regular sleeved liners, our Zirconia liners offer:
Significant longer service.
Better performance.
Safer operation.
Life time cost saving.