Product Range 63.5.~-5.04
Material 11280~15540
Type of End Finish 12190~16460

 The main use of Kelly is transmit the swirling power of swivel plate to entire drill string and drill bit so that the bit can crush the earth bed, which means the Kelly can will transmit and afford the weight of entire drill string.
When using turbo drilling tools and down-hole motor for drilling, Kelly will afford all the weight and reaction torque of drilling string.
Kelly is also used for measuring the deepth of well and providing circling channel.
Our company provides the Kelly made of AISI 4145 HM.
The products include squre and hexagonal type, 12 meter long and 19 meter long.

    Products Range 63.5.~-5.04
    Driving Length 11280~15540
    Total Length 12190~16460
Star Zirconia Ceramic Liners are available for all major mud pumps with various bore sizes.
Comparing to regular sleeved liners, our Zirconia liners offer:
Significant longer service.
Better performance.
Safer operation.
Life time cost saving.