Wellhead Devices Parameter

The design and manufacture of casing head are in API Spec.6A standard. We provide the casing heads adopt the normal casing program and we can select other program to manufacture depending on the customers’ requirements.

The feature of casing head:

The casing heads are installed in 45°shoulder design with high load capacity; Customers can select slip hanger or mandrel hanger depending on their needs; the connection forms between casing head and surface casing are threaded bottom connection and slip bottom connection; the casing head is designed with BT type secondary seal mechanism at bottom. Through transfuse sealing plastics, it can achieve ideal effect.

Normal Casing Program A 20”x13-3/8”x9-5/8”x7”x5-1/2” Normal Casing Program B 13-3/8”x10-3/4”x7”x5”
Top Connection Form Slip or Mandrel Connection Top Flange Bore 7~20 in Working Pressure 2000PSI~5000PSI
Bottom Connection Form Threaded or Slip Connection Bottom Connection Bore 9~21-1/4 in Side Outlet Connection Form Pipeline thread side outlet Threaded flange side outlet


    • Welded Type Casing Head
      • Thread Type Casing Head
    • Slip Type Casing Head
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